Belle Armstrong, November S.L. and Ricky Johnson walking to the Turntable to meet Lonnie Armstrong, Jeanne Smith, and Becky Armstrong, on the set of The Price is Right after her wedding with Tim Johnson; Armstrong walked there from the set of Card Sharks.


Belle Armstrong and Lori Jane Smith on the set of Tales from the Rails in 2018.


Belle Armstrong during the 2017 Bass Pro Shops Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway.


Belle and Mike Armstrong, and Mike's girlfriend Sandy Rodgers, the actress who plays Heidi Hatfield on The Hatfields, during the 2015 Bojangles Southern 500.


Belle in the 2013 Johnson Industries press kit.


November S.L. and Ricky Johnson on August 20, 2018.


Belle and an Alvin walkaround just before the 20th anniversary of the first live-action Alvin and the Chipmunks film on May 12, 2018.


Belle and Jenny Smith at the Dairy Queen at Iowa City, IA on March 14, 2017.


Belle at the Johnson Building on September 4, 2012.


Belle at the Walt Disney World Speedway in 2017.


Belle and Chloe Johnson at the Dairy Queen at Stamford, CT, one of many locations they own under the name of CJSB, LLC., on August 25, 2013.


Belle at her bed in 2018.


Belle Armstrong, Chloe Johnson, Emily K. George, Jr., the granddaughter of Don George and the actress who plays Emily J. McGuire on The Hatfields, and Flora Jones, the actress who plays Flora Kendall on Elk Cabin, on the set of The Hatfields in 2000.


Belle Armstrong at WBC Studio 33 in 1999.


Belle Armstrong in 2011.


Belle Armstrong on January 1, 2002.

Belle Teresa Armstrong, Jr. (b. June 19, 1996) is an American actress, writer, producer and playwright, CCO of Johnson Industries, CEO and President of WBC, and CEO of Johnson Foods. She is the wife of Johnson CEO Tim Johnson; the two married on July 10, 2018 on the set of Card Sharks, having been a couple since 2006. Armstrong is also the co-creator of the franchise The Kids of Hills Beach with Jenny Smith, executive producer of Card Sharks and Luck o' the Truth since 2010, and is a regular, announcer and producer on Tim Johnson's talk/sketch show Fireside Chat with Tim Johnson.

Early Life


Belle Armstrong in her bedroom during a house party in 2003 with Bob Barker and Ray Combs.


Belle Armstrong, November S.L. Johnson, and Chloe Johnson walking to the Howard Johnson's restaurant in Times Square, NY on December 1, 2017.


Belle and Jimmie Dale Armstrong on the set of Luck o' the Truth on March 12, 2011.


Belle Armstrong on the Card Sharks set in 2011.


The Armstrong children (from left to right; Larry, Madison, Janice, Belle, Lonnie and Becky Armstrong), their first cousins (also left to right; M.D., Sarah Lynn, Mike, and Lincoln Armstrong), and their second cousin, Jane at Daytona International Speedway on February 1, 2012. It was Belle's complaints about the quality of the racing in the 2012 Daytona 500, stating, "The only exciting part was when Montoya hit that jet dryer", that spurred Tim Johnson to fire Brian France and Mike Helton, and institute sweeping changes two years later, of which she was very satisfied with.

The daughter of a friend of Sheldon Johnson, Jr., Belle had a crush on Tim Johnson since the age of four, when Armstrong slipped on a puddle and Johnson helped her up, but kept it a secret before 2006. At eight, she participated in Tim's successful school play, A History of a Titan, playing Phil Stacker's wife Helga. Armstrong also directed and co-wrote the play with Johnson.

In 2006, Armstrong, while writing a musical based on WBC's smash hit Monster World, called Monster World: The Musical, with Johnson, confessed to Tim, who realized they he was in love and they had their first kiss immediately after they finished writing. The play was successful, and made it to Broadway in 2008.

On December 31, 2009, when Tim Johnson became CEO of Johnson Industries, he made Armstrong the CCO of the company, CEO of WBC, and CEO of Johnson Foods and all of the restaurant companies under Johnson Foods.


Belle Armstrong at Orlando Speed World Dragway in 2018.

Personal Life


Belle Armstrong in 2009, while attending the premiere of Detective Jenny: The Eighth Movie at Johnson's test screening theater on the Johnson Studios lot.


Belle and Janice Armstrong at the Howard Johnson's motor lodge at West Boylston, MA on August 21, 2018.


Belle Armstrong guest starring on an episode of The Price is Right on November 31, 2007. Armstrong co-hosted the episode with Bob Barker.

Armstrong is the daughter of James Daniel Armstrong (b. July 1, 1977) and Belle Teresa Armstrong, Sr. (nee Lincoln, b. February 14, 1977), the niece of Daniel Arthur Armstrong (b. July 1, 1977) and Janet Anita Armstrong (nee Mason, b. June 7, 1977), the grandniece of astronaut Neil Armstrong (1937-2012), the granddaughter of veteran game show host, creator and announcer Jimmie Dale Armstrong (b. July 12, 1930), and has four sisters, That Bites co-host Madison Riley Armstrong (b. August 7, 2002), Janice Daniel Armstrong (b. July 4, 2001), Lonnie Brooklyn Armstrong (b. May 1, 2002), and Rebecca Olga "Becky" Armstrong (b. December 25, 2003), along with a brother, Larry James Armstrong (b. December 1, 2002), four first cousins, famous triplet brothers Lincoln Mustang, Marc Dale "M.D." and Michael Mason "Mike" Armstrong (b. August 29, 2004), and Sarah Lynn Armstrong (b. January 1, 2007), and a second cousin, Jane Christy Teresa Armstrong (b. November 1, 2002). Armstrong and Johnson both have two children, Richard Timothy "Ricky" and November Spring Luna (b. November 31, 2014); it is expected that Ricky will one day take over as CEO of Johnson Industries.