The CCR is a loose Confederation uniting (to an extent) all the world's Communist nations and ending the Communist Committee as an entity. The former Warsaw Union is split into many different republics under the Confederation (not Germany though as it is independent).


File:Flag of the greater eurasian union by rvbomally-d8v3yqe.png

The Confederation was established in 1985 in response to Germany's independence after it's rebellion and (as a related issue) the stability of Communist nations. It unites all former Communist nations (including ones that used to be in the Warsaw Union such as Ukraine, Belarus etc. and also the Asian nations of China and Japan -including Korea-) into one entity (somewhat).

How the Confederation works & explaining the Confederation

The Confederation can be further divided into the republics, who, although being part of the Confederation, have their own policies, armies and anything else a normal nation would have (even flags). The republics do, however, usually do the bidding of the largest and most powerful nation of the Confederation, the Soviet Union, or China if China needs assistance, although they're all "equal" according to the Confederation's Constitution. The Confederation is not considered to have ended the Cold War, in fact, the Confederation is considered to have saved Communism from collapsing (as another German-style revolt would have happened without a major reform). The Confederation isn't really a nation, but also isn't really just a conglomerate, it's just something in between to most people.

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