Main rules (or important rules) of the DifferentHistory wiki are VERY important to know. These important rules include (Most important parts are bold like this title):

  • No threatening and/or derogatory terms are to be directed at staff AT ALL. NO APPEALS. Staff are to feel safe on our wiki. Swearing that does not fall under this category is fine, but please try not too.
  • Most important rule: Users are not to sockpuppet unless necessary to appeal a ban. However, sockpuppeting more than once is a permaban, regardless of an appeal being made or not. Using VPNs to get around said bans is even more scummy, and users who would stoop to that level after already appealing are to be held with no honor. There is no "Wall of shame" on this wiki *cough* *cough*, but please do not use VPNs if you have made an appeal and it failed. Be happy you got an appeal, most wikis *cough* *cough* don't even give you an opportunity to.
  • If you spam the wiki or, in particular, the TPF talk page, you will be permabanned. If you attack the wiki, you will be permabanned and (like if you used a VPN even after filing an appeal) are to be held with no honor.
  • Users are not to abuse the appeal page. As stated previously, be happy it's even there.
  • Admins are to respond to a users' appeal ASAP. I will also respond ASAP. Users are to be patient as staff have many other things to do as well, however, users are a main priority, so, as stated, we will review an appeal as soon as possible.
  • Users may not make fake abuse reports, or they will be permabanned. This is major, DO NOT MAKE FALSE ACCUSATIONS.
  • If an accusation is proven false, staff are to ban said user(s) on the spot. No Exceptions.
  • Do not threaten other users either. And staff, remember this: I will demote and promptly permaban you if you fucking dare harass users, all other staff are to report this IMMEDIATELY, No mercy for a staff member who threatens a user, and definitely no fucking honor.

So, those are the main rules. DO NOT VIOLATE ANY OF THEM, but particularly the second rule and the last rule. And remember, have fun on the wiki.

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